Bound By Love (Single)

Bound By Love (Single)

Release Date: 06/23/2015

DISPATCH released the “Bound By Love” single on June 29, 2015 to coincide with their DISPATCH: HUNGER concerts at Madison Square Garden. The concerts took place on July 10th and 11th. Dr. Dog opened the July 10th concert and John Butler Trio opened the July 11th concert.

“We recorded this in Australia! This was a really unique recording for the three of us because we were not on our usual instruments. The basic tracks had me on drums, Chad on piano, and Brad on bass. That configuration allowed us to explore a completely new sound. And I have to say for myself, it was a dream come true to actually play the drums on a Dispatch recording! I know about two beats and I think I used them both on the recording of Bound By Love.”

– Pete Francis



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